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a love affair we know is over

It is a sign of a certain age that the thrill of sliding a vinyl record out of its soft inner sleeve can be swiftly conjured up from the memory banks.

It was a sensual experience. Undressing it from its carefully designed artwork, complete with text you could read without digging out a microscope, you would reveal the record's underwear the inner sleeve.

If you were lucky it was the equivalent of discovering stockings and suspenders an undergarment covered in song lyrics and credits for you to pour over as you settled down ready to get stuck in.

And you only reached that stage after a courtship which involved effort and desire.

You would have to go to your local record shop. Actually catch a bus, or ride a bike or, yikes, walk into a busy town centre.

You would have to flick through the record sleeves all weighed down in heavy PVC covers until you found the creature you were after. Sometimes you would be distracted by the rare sight of something special and your lust for one would switch immediately to another.

If it was second hand you would look to catch a glimpse of its grooves to ensure they had not been mishandled or scratched. If it was new you prayed for pristine everything for your hands to be the first.

Then you transported the 12 inch package home; your eyes all over its fabulous attire, or how it peaked out at Methandienone Msds you through the thin record shop bag.

It was yours nowjust wait until you got it home.

The slab of black plastic itself promised so much. Nandrolone Adalah By the time you had lifted it gently onto the turntable, blown fluff from the stylus and gently positioned the arm over the smooth run in track, you could sit back and prepare to indulge in some sonic bliss.

Even the filler tracks "Anadrol 50" those tunes put in to justify it being an LP and not an EP became songs you grew to like by virtue of the fact you had to listen to them, had to grow Steroids Injection Gone Wrong to love something about them.

Where did the hit single lurk how did it fit with the tracks which surrounded it?

Describe that process "Anadrol 50" to someone under 20, however, and the chances are they will look at you rather blankly.

Don't like a song? Then press the skip button. Don't like the album? Well a matter of seconds and a few clicks of the mouse and they have something else.

A week of non stop playing an LP, of learning Buy Jintropin the song titles and the lyrics, of becoming an expert in this work of art, is becoming lost. Each record reminding you "Oxandrolone Powder India" or a moment in your life of good times or bad. A 12 inch calling card for what music is best at placing you at a moment in time; the soundtrack of your life.

Today you can subscribe to music services which allow you to access the latest albums in seconds and stream them for as long or as little as you like.

And that's assuming you actually pay at all and don't just stick your snout in the trough which is the free for all of bit torrents and the like.

Because the vinyl record has long since had its day and will forever occupy only a fond place in the memory and the niche section of the retail sector.

We are, of course, frequently told that reports of its death are premature. That, in fact, there is a resurgence in interest.

Yet while the death rattle it produces may continue for generations to come, we should be in no doubt whatsoever, it is now old and past it. A mere shadow of its glory days. But, oh, what glory days it had.

Just as sure as we are that Robson and Jerome will never return to the top of the charts or Pete Burns look like a normal person again. It is a thing of the past and will forever be.

In the early eighties, sales of vinyl albums, worldwide, reached a peak of an incredible 1.1 billion units. For the last ten years that figure has struggled to beat 10million.

Vinyl was picked up and span around by the arrival of the compact disc; a feisty, shiny, modern competitor which promised never ending quality and an unbreakable spirit.

It was sex on legs and we embraced it to our collective bosom while record company executives started to realise they could now flog us our entire record collections again.

It bent vinyl out of shape more than making the mistake of leaving a record near direct sunlight and the horror of warping could ever do.

Ironic, of course, because actually the claim the CD will last forever seems about as likely as that Glenn Medeiros comeback.

But if you took exception at the brash CD and its boastful ways, then worry not. Because Hgh Jintropin Avis it too is now if not on the way out, then at least on the slide.

Because we are now a society which has dispensed with any sort of physical music and opted instead for the invisible but easy to obtain digital download. It exists only because if we press play on our iPod we hear music. But there's nothing tangible. Nothing to read, nothing to ogle at. Nothing to stroke and care for tenderly. It just is.

And that trend is not going to change. Whatever we may think. Whatever the likes of National Record Store Day may hope to achieve.